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Brighter Days Mental Health and Recovery Center

Brighter Days Mental Health And Recovery Center is a Joint Commission accredited healthcare organization that is veteran owned. We provide comprehensive behavioral healthcare services to empower clients. We are a faith based Mental Health Clinic located in the heart of Baltimore. We provide comprehensive behavioral health services that are designed to meet the needs of individual consumers in the home, school, and community. Brighter Days Recovery Center (BDRC) is also a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) that provides care to all persons and family systems, community-based assistance to optimize their overall wellness and quality of life with the goal of rehabilitation and recovery. Our organization promotes the healthy restoration of the individual’s deficiencies by assisting them in the development of their life skills. BDRC’s primary focus is to empower clients, assist them with identifying personal goals and work towards a full recovery. Our team is comprised of Maryland’s leading behavioral health professionals with several years of experience and compassion.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high-quality care to our patients by empowering and rekindling their lost hope to work towards a full recovery. We aim to customize our care to fit the needs of our clients, and most of all, we guide them in identifying personal health goals and offering them a safe space to talk about their concerns at our amenable facility.

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Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the leader to insight change in the perception of mental health and instill hope for the lives of all individuals that we care for. We inspire and influence mental health centers locally and nationwide with our dedication to client treatment customization and empowerment and our continuous advocacy for mental health awareness and recovery.

More Details About Us

Brighter Days (BDRC) is a clinician veteran-owned healthcare practice that provides comprehensive behavioral health services to empower clients, by assisting them with identifying personal goals and working towards full recovery.

As a Community Mental Health Center offering services within and around Baltimore City, we offer a wide variety of services, including psychological services to address the needs of adults, adolescents, and children alike. We also offer bilingual services because we understand that it may be easier for some people to communicate and express themselves by using their first language.

BDRC partners with long-term care facilities to provide proactive, consistent, and comprehensive behavioral health care services to the residents of those facilities. BDRC employs an experienced clinical staff of qualified experts who specialize in providing care to the senior population. Each facility has a nurse clinician (nurse practitioner), psychiatrist (MD), and therapist (psychologist/social worker) assigned. BDRC also provides Outpatient comprehensive behavioral health services that are designed to meet the needs of individual consumers in the home, school, and community.

Core Values

  • Compassion We understand, respect, and continually promote sincere care for our clients and their families.
  • Knowledge We rely on hard-backed data in our care delivery and management. Our practice requires a combination of science and art.
  • Collaboration We work with an integrated team and utilize a holistic approach that's backed by altruism, respect, and shared goals.
  • Dedication We have and maintain a relentless optimism to guide those we care for through their wellness journey.
  • Learning We pursue continuous improvement to care, professional development, and creating an impact.
  • Progress We are always incorporating technological innovations to advance our care services, the industry, and the lives of those we serve.

Commitment to Excellence

Not all wounds are visible immediately, hence we work on helping clients with unseen pain and suffering. We do that by helping our patients overcome behavioral healthcare challenges. We commit ourselves to rendering confidential, sympathetic, and approachable care in our customer service and treatment.